JOEL MEYEROWITZ is an award-winning “street photographer”. He was born in New York in 1938. He began photographing in 1962. His work has appeared in over 350 exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world.

As an early expert of color photography, he changed the attitude toward the use of color photography. His first book “Cape Light” is considered to be a classic work of color photography and has sold more than 150,000 copies during its 30-year life.

He is the author of 20 other books, including Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks (Aperture), and his 50 year retrospective book, “Taking My Time”,

He currently has a major exhibition named “Morandi’s Objects”  at via dello Scalo, Bologna.

Meyerowitz realized his dream of photographing the objects Morandi painted in his life. So as to pay a  tribute to the Bolognese painter Giorgio Morandi, he will present 20 works all inspired by objects painted by Morandi from from 23 October 2015 to 1 February 2016.

Before JOEL MEYEROWITZ  started taking photographs of Morandi’s objects , he did a thorough survey of almost 270 objects in the small room in Casa Morandi where Morandi worked on vases, shells, bottles of all sizes,colored bottles or plain, silk flowers, jugs, boxes, tin cans, funnels, and many more.

Joel Meyerowitz aim was to give life to these objects he captured and reveal the identity of all objects Morandi always valued for. He treated his captured photographers of morandi’s objects as portraits expressing the depth and motive of the objects.

Click the link below, to check on his work :-

Also you can see a preview of what the series is about:-


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