Blog Post About Paul Nicklen “Face to Face with a Leopard Seal”

Paul Nicklen, while documenting leopard seals in Antarctica for a 2006 National Geographic magazine story. In the video above, Nicklen explained how an encounter with one female leopard seal was especially the most incredible moment of his life which he will never forget.

In this project Paul Nicklen was in Antarctica to capture shots of leopard seals and to understand leopard seals solve the mystery of these seals. He explains how he captured 1000 pounds seals underwater, with the help of his friend from sweden who has a lot of experience with Leopard seals they left for this journey to solve the mystery of these seals.

On their first day, while anchoring the sail board, he experienced a massive female leopard seal ripping the head of a penguin. There was chunks of meat in the water and she came up underneath their boat and almost knocked them up under the water. This huge leopard seal was more than 1000 pounds and longer than their 12 ft boat.

His dream of going down to antarctica and capturing many leopard seals he ever could helped him to come across one massive huge leopard seal. He slipped into the water and swam up to the leopard seal being all terrified, she came up to him and took his whole camera in her mouth.

With the help of his friend Uran’s advice of staying with the penguin helped him to get one of the most beautiful shots. Most amazing thing happened during this process of capturing these seals was leopard seals fedding him penguins instead of harming him,It began to bring him penguins, first alive, then dead, perhaps assuming that he was a “useless or unreal”

His style of photography and guts to swim under the freezing cold water with these huge leopard seals in antarctica motivates me to push myself toward my goals of capturing life into the wild.


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