A Style for Every Story in the World of Street Fashion & Portrait Photography.

Street Fashion Photography has exploded widely in last 10-years thanks to social media. But while it may be the most common practice to shoot on the streets to explore the boundaries in terms of art and fashion and to get some candid images, does anyone actually know the rules?

Portrait photography is one of the most creatively demanding and challenging genre and combining it with street fashion makes it much more challenging and demanding. It takes a lot to become a street fashion photographer, you not just need your photography skills, but also a good taste in fashion and an eye on trends to create art out of street fashion.

The phenomenon of street style photography is here to stay, and like any other genre of photography street fashion photography comes with it’s own set of challenges. In the world of fabrics, patterns, colours and prints, for a street fashion photographer it is very challenging to get the perfect photograph. With an understanding of mix matching colours and different backgrounds, it can help you to create street style images. If you can visualize how to  place your subject using colourful streets, textures or graffiti walls as your backgrounds, you will be able to get great results.

Here are some street fashion photography work samples by; Photographer Scott Schuman

Credits :- http://www.thesartorialist.com/

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Wondering how to get such amazing results ?

Everyday is different from the next and inspiration is everywhere. What makes a great picture is not what they are wearing, it is the whole package combination of pieces and an element of surprise, managing light for the scene, framing the subject by matching up with urban areas and streets.

Some useful technical tips to capture street fashion portraits;

  • Shallow depth of field allows background to gently blur making subject the main focus.
  • Low aperture such as F2.8 lets in plenty of light keeping subject in focus with balanced lighting.
  • Be always aware of the environment you are shooting in, you don’t want a background that overtakes the focus from the subject.
  • Playing with colourful background add ups great details in the shot.
  • Everyone has their own style, once you have picked up on a trend all you have to do is understand the fashion trends.
  • Sunrise and sunsets are the golden hours to shoot to get great results.
  • The direction of daylight is important with street style photography.
  • Street style should be about person’s style and character. Allow people to pose, how they feel most comfortable will help you to get most candid shots.

Checkout the link to improve your street style photography skills and enhance your ideas to plan and style such kind of shoots;


In conclusion, Street Style Portrait photography is one of the most creatively demanding and challenging job. The only way of bringing out the best results in your images by mix matching different photography skills with various styles, colourful backgrounds, textures and urban locations is the more you work on the style and new trends the better results you would be getting with time.

“Taking pictures is like fishing or writing. It’s getting out of the unknown that which resists and refuses to come to light”


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