My Favorite Viral Video

I came across this video few weeks back a small commercial on christmas in which a Grandfather fakes his own death. Trust me this might be the best Christmas ad i saw and made me call my family back home.

This is a holiday ad for Edeka, a large supermarket chain in Germany. Expressing strong emotions and showing a grandfather being far and lonely from his own family as his family is too busy to be with him or visit him for christmas and spends christmas all by himself.

The storyline of this ad made me think how far one can go for their family, like he did in this video. He gets tired of trying to meet his family every year for Christmas. So he plans to fake his death and when his family learns that he has passed away, they all come together for his funeral.

That’s when they get the most shocking and amazing surprise of their lives; the old man is not dead after all and he did this to have a meal with his own family. It’s a strong emotional video and is meant to demonstrate that family is the most important thing in life, no matter how busy you are or what part of world you are in, one should always take out time to be with their loved ones.

On the production front,  as the ad is for a large supermarket chain instead of directly promoting their chain they choose to shoot this ad in a different environment or you can say delivering an emotional message out of it. As you can see the homely environment in which video was filmed and how beautifully they captured the essence of their lives and emotions, the regret of not being there for their father and the shock and happiness they get when they see their father and combining all these emotions together.

Excellent use of natural window light to capture the lonely life of a father and combining it with the shots of their lives together is executed greatly.

“Take out time for your Family, Because you never know how time and life can change”  


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