“Picture they say it is worth a 1000 words”


“Space where you can promote those pictures worth 1000 words”

One Eyeland was founded by award winning photographer Sharad Haskar in year 2008 with a goal of creating a large space for promoting work of different photographers and different photography styles. One Eyeland is an online photography gallery showcasing and promoting work of photographers from all over the world in all genres of photography that is; Advertising, Fashion, Travel and Landscape, Product , Portraits etc.

The kind of response and professional boost photographers gets on One Eyeland is amazing, you can upload you work from anywhere and get seen by anyone around the world. One Eyeland attracts 8.76 million page views annually and almost 460,000 unique visitors every year. Almost 12,000 art buyers, art directors, graphic designers, creative directors, agency heads are the registered members at One Eyeland and the all can access your work online and can contact you. 

Being a photographer myself i really liked the website as it’s easy to navigate and register on One Eyeland, one can register through Facebook too and it’s not a lengthy or time consuming process, which today’s fast world is a very good benefit. The website has different features which attracts users attention such as; Photography news in which you get updates on new equipments or softwares in the market or series of awards and photo-contest photographers can register which helps photographers to gain social achievement. One Eyeland also has a category which ranks the photographer on one eyeland.

One Eyeland also have categories such as picture of the day or week where top pictures are posted with photographer bio and  price list. One Eyelid helps photographer to sell their work online and earn they can be premium or non-premium members.

The Photographer i looked into on One Eyeland is “JENS LUCKING” she specialize in Portrait , Lifestyle , Kids , Conceptual  and Animals. From her work, i loved this series she did on kids, i have never seen something like that done by any photographer when it comes to kids portraits.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The kind of theme she choose when it comes to capture kids is amazingly creative. When it comes to kids one can always show their nature and what they like do or their hobbies or passion through their pictures. Thats’s what  Jen has achieved in these images rather than going for typical studio portraits she has tried something out of the box breaking the stereotype techniques. She has used things what these kids loves to do  or  toys they like to play with and made a theme out of it for their shoots. Like for example; a father running while carrying his kid in a small toy airplane or  a kid pulling a truck.

Also she did this story using natural lighting and outdoor scenes to get much more dynamic results, which surely helped her to create an aura for these kids to make them comfortable during the shoot. Her styles of mix matching kids with animals or different toys  and editing skills to pull out some craziness is the image is also mesmerizing.

“All in all i loved her work and her techniques and would surely love to learn such techniques someday”

You Can check her work on One Eyeland:-




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