“Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks”

Viral Video Assignment Experience !!

To film a viral video i grouped with Josiah, Mike and Tolu. We did a PSA on “Texting and driving”. The concept and the idea behind this video was to deliver a social message out to the world where we see how people and our generation specially these days do reckless driving while using cellphone; texting or calling while driving.

I had a great experience in planning and shot listing to film this video. We all sat together and started discussing how we should film this video and what kind of topic we should choose, wether it should be informational video or a comedy one and all in all we decided to do PSA on texting and driving, but we didn’t wanted to do something regular which people have already done. So we did some research, how we can deliver a social message and make this video viral.

The idea of doing a video on texting and driving came to our heads and all of us started putting down our own idea and concepts to connect all the dots to film this video. Josiah one of our group member came up with an interesting idea of why not showing people texting and walking in context to texting and driving, and i came up with the name for the video “Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks” that’s how we finalized our topic and started creating script and shot lists for the video.

We choose ourselves to act in the video and divided us in teams of two and started filming on four different locations. Filming four people at the same time with our tight schedule was not at all easy go, we had our share of errors and glitches in how to take different angles and create point of view in our shots. Also, using the idea of showing people texting and walking in context of texting and driving came with various challenges in terms of acting in the video clip, so we all had to be very much focused about filming and acting according to our theme. We all knew we are not good actors but as a team we made every possible efforts to pull this out and all of you can see the end result. Sharing a common idea and then creating shot lists helped us a lot to create this video rather.

The message behind this video was to enlighten our generation and make them realize that if the can’t even walk while texting, how they will drive while texting.

You can watch our video to spread our message:—> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DalVyttVsOk&feature=youtu.be


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