Life around Durham College !!

We did an in class assignment today in which we had to promote Durham College in 9 different scenarios and capture pictures of people for each scenario with quote or their experience telling what they about Durham college spirit, Favourite eating spot in campus, How students get their news around campus, How durham college contributes to cutting edge research or learning, a scenic spot near campus, Little-known fact about the school, Fanatic fans of basketball, Extracurricular extravaganza available at campus and last bot not least final information about our school.

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After meeting all these people and capturing around the campus, i came to understand that durham college is on big and happy family full of joy and urge to learn through hand on experience or through their peers and professor. We divided this assignment in nine different parts; and we talked to people about their school spirit, like if they have to explain their school spirit in one line, and it give me immense happiness when i got to know what people think about it, like how much they feel excited about being at durham college  and experiencing everything and putting efforts to achieve.

I went around the campus to ask students what’s eating spot around campus, most of them said market place cafe or pizza pizza which pretty much famous among everyone, though food and hunger comes with expense, students like how cheap food is at durham college and the can fill their stomaches with spending bucks. I also got to know, how students are using durham college/UOIT newspaper to gain daily news and learn about various events happening around the campus and these academic events help them to excel in their subjects or program.

There is no doubt how beautiful Durham College Campus is, but out of all the most scenic spot for me is the forest and the lake behind on the back side of our  main campus, i always go sit there to relax and refresh my mind so that i can focus on my studies.

The list goes on there are so many great thing about Durham College which i can’t even count or write about because it’s gonna take me lifetime, but for the time being all i want to say about Durham College is if “Success matters to you” Durham College is the place to be.




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