The human spirit needs places where nature has not been arranged by the hands of man. The earth is for all life, not just human life. The world does not revolve around us and the idea that it does is the root cause of all the problems and destruction we have inflicted on this beautiful planet and it’s inhabitants.

My idea behind this shoot was to create a portfolio comprising five portraits of people holding a globe in their hand to support climate change effects we are facing our world is facing and ignoring these days. Another reason why i choose this theme is, i am planning to make a documentary on climate change effects on Southern Himalayas and on people living in those rural and underdeveloped areas. So for that i started a series of taking pictures of people in different countries holding a globe in their hands in front of a famous landmark to connect people from different parts of the world for one cause and by that i came up with this idea of why not doing this theme for my social media assignment, because every shoot and piece i do counts for this cause.

So for my social media assignment i choose five of my classmates to do a portrait shoot for me, holding a globe in their hand, I did medium closeup shots for this theme and got satisfying results.The only aim behind this theme was to support the cause i am working on and to start a chain of connecting people with each other and at Durham College and to push them to come forward for this cause and also aware them about the climate change effect our world is facing these day. 


“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Let’s make this world perfect”



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