Copyright “All Rights Reserved”


As we all know in today’s world right to reserve your work or your art has become first priority of almost everyone and when it comes to social media makes it easier than ever to share images or steal images. Myself being an Artist, i have constant fear that someone will steal my art and put their names on it or share my images and use my work for any inappropriate purposes.

So what exactly “COPYRIGHT” means ??

Copyright describes your art or you can say speak for your work, which you have created. Copyright is like a legal tool you can use to protect your work and that stops other people from stealing or using your work on personal and professional platforms as their own by altering it or copying it,

As you grow with your venture or freelance business specially in media industry, it becomes more important to imply copyright and understand the how to use it. One should always follow all the laws when it comes to copyright, and should always inform their clients in advance about the copyright rules they have to follow working with you, no matter how big or small the project is or no matter who the client is. One can never imagine in their wild dreams, who will misuse their work.

In the world of digital media, where google is available for quick search for any kind of images, one should make sure that you know the basics of copyright and can discuss those with your clients, friends, and family who might not be familiar with what they can and can’t do.



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